January 17, 2021

Automated GUI Testing

 Automated GUI testing is nothing but the process of verifying the overall functioning of an application, from its creation, during the designing phase to its final release and use. The term 'GUI' stands for Graphical User Interface and it is nothing but graphical representations or representation that a user would find in an application that helps him interact with the program and this is where the automated GUI testing comes into picture. 

Automated GUI testing is a kind of software test lab, which automates the entire GUI design testing from its conception to its execution. This way the tester is able to understand the overall performance of an application from every aspect such as its creation, its designing process, its implementation and its final usage before it is released for the client's use. This software also helps the developer in debugging the software without losing any data or wasting time in re-doing or debugging the previous errors. This software also helps in identifying the problems in the application, in short reducing debugging times of the application and hence increasing the speed and functionality.

Nowadays, automated GUI testing tool is being used by most of the software companies and it has helped them save their considerable amount of investment that they could have otherwise spent on hiring the in-house testers. Most of these tools are written in Java and are generally used to automate the GUI testing procedure, these tools enable the developers to divide the testing into two stages, which are the initial stage and the post-production stage. The first stage mainly includes the creation of the test cases, while the second stage consists of the verification of these test cases and validating the functionality of the software itself.

The automated GUI testing is usually done by the developers themselves who write the test cases using the respective windows program, the developers just need to make sure that they use the correct path for the file when they build the software. In order to get the best result from the automated GUI testing, the software that you are going to use must be free from all the common errors that often break down the automated GUI tests and this is why you have to make sure that the program you are using is free from all the common problems and has only tested under different operating systems. It will also help to update the software file from time to time as the program will become obsolete with newer versions of the windows operating system

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